by Fin-Folsom

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released February 24, 2015

Ruins+Rituals was made by Fin-Folsom at the end of 2014 in Brooklyn. It revolves around a variety of character adventures, which are better than studies, set in and around New York City.

Produced by FF & Kyle Joseph
Mixed by Kyle Joseph
Mastered by Jon Markson


all rights reserved



Fin-Folsom New York, New York

FIN-FOLSOM is a band specializing in Animal Pop. They went to school together, graduated, didn't enjoy working, started playing music, and are still working.

If you want them to play a show or say hello - finfolsom on the google mail
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Track Name: Horses
please sit down look me true i can promise i’ve gotten clean like an unchristened wheel
forget things you saw or heard still too young to even like girls a ten year old’s world
i’d love you if I could
never meant to give you up choices made For the gold in my cup and drugs in my blood i won her back she took vows if i could I wouldn’t have you around I know that aint sound
i fell off went to your school high as god lost in linoleum on liquor and valium
no control of the things we crave – i’d love you if you’d stay
shook their heads shook their heads oh the poor boy had no intent
son forgive me i let you down lets go home here comes the train don’t glare in vain
turning around felt a push stumbed in fell on the tracks you never looked back
i’d kill me too - if I were you
Track Name: Spoonfed
I want to see you pretend and act true
I swear the last few times I got drunk with you
You would disappear and come back slightly moved
Just like the 90’s In spoons it’s heating,
I can’t watch you let it slip away
Don’t let all this talent waste
All my money is what you want
They told me to stay away at dark.
In that shadow was my best friend call me home again
Did someone steal your vibrant soul
is this where the pills have gone knowing how to say your sick and walking away with bigger scripts
She’s so fly they all want to swat her
talk so nice like we’re at an auction going gone
If your gone I m probably gonna miss you but if you’re here I don’t want to kiss you I know that’s wrong
If your game I kinda wanna tame it because your pounce is still outrageous let me hear you roar
I’d stir you round like a new cocktail
get dressed up with the lost and found on the floor
they shake your hand like you are famous
eyes so wide with pupils dilated behind all the glass
she forgot they knows she's loaded
with the trust fund to buy las drogas
that didn’t last

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