by Fin-Folsom

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released August 12, 2016

Recorded January 2016 by Jon Markson at the Gallery in Brooklyn, NY


all rights reserved



Fin-Folsom New York, New York

FIN-FOLSOM is a band specializing in Animal Pop. They went to school together, graduated, didn't enjoy working, started playing music, and are still working.

If you want them to play a show or say hello - finfolsom on the google mail
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Track Name: Baby's All Right
Sometimes people talk to me at shows
I get anxious when I meet the ones that don’t
I too often have nothing else to say
When I’m tight i talk and talk for days
What if they hate the songs I sang tonight
I criticize all the time when I’m drinking at Baby’s All Right, it’s allright

By second nature I asked that you would come
to our show and hear these songs
In front of other people
Your songs in front of other people
Who would have thought that you’d be smoking pot
With our friend Molly getting frozen in June
Still on time we played at 9 at the rock shop nearby Gowonus

Before you had the chance to even ask
I told you it was fine if tonight you took a pass
Like the weeknights when I’m tired and it snowed
A chandelier of lights at the closed down cameo
Vice did away with all our favorite spots on Kent
Like Vegas said fuck the clocks let’s give them oxygen
Let’s give them oxygen
I need some oxygen
Track Name: Cringe
I cringe a lot from a lack of self esteem
Bound myself in reflections of your dreams
Run with you never to be found
Behind closed eyes our feet won’t leave the ground
I want what you’ve got - Despise her desire
I bite my skin at any thought of pain
It brings me back from a subconscious state
When I slip and think about the fall
Or running lights when I’m high as the clouds
I want what you’ve got - Inspire desire
Eliminate vision and deflect unwanted sounds
When social situations become awkward and loud
I turned my back on all philosophies
Too many books and I cant even read
I want what you’ve got but I know
I want what I can’t ever hold
I want what you’ve got It never stops
Inspire desire
Track Name: Shaman
I met a shaman who grew up in Queens
On the D train his knees touching me
He went to Hampshire and studied the spirits
Back to sunset proclaimed to be fearless
All talk no leaving - Hope deceived me.
A Girl from London asked for direction
I was lost caught dreaming again
Thought we better stick together
So many souls coasting within
I met a shaman who grew up in Queens
Talking of spirits the ones in my genes
I need to leave this place for another
But to where if I only knew
Track Name: Sorry For Last Night
Night stands still when I want to go home
Trapped in time that doesn’t let go
No girl no, you never want to go
With the music still up, the party going on
Fear of missing out, fear of missing friends
Keeping you from coming home to our bed
Fear of Missing Out
Around the time I met you
We danced and drank until two
I want to grow up, I don’t want fame
Move into the country, see the stars again,
Fear of missing out the fear of missing friends
Gonna renew our lease again
(Wild Manes Crooning)
No girl no, you never want to go
With the music still up, the party going on
Fear of missing out, fear of missing friends
Gonna renew our lease again
Track Name: Beware of Life Event
I’m so good at losing hats
Now we’ve gone and lost our minds
So many shirts that i don’t wear
And single socks that envy pairs
I know you want to
Just don’t know how to go home
I promise to you
I’m scared too but let’s just go home
Will you run away with me
If only for a year
I’m living in the present
But desire will not lessen
Track Name: Dear Pretender
When a love arrives or fades through time I always write best
Like when we finished school, lying beneath the dunes
Reading, drinking wine
Tell me that you’re leaving
Take it all away
Just leave paper for the songs
Can’t get you off my mind or change back the time
If this thing is for real which i know that it is
The days will never come
Tell me that you’re leaving
Take it all away
Pease just for pretend, come back in the end
This is hardly verbose
Of what i feel most
My notebooks are blank
Dear Pretender
Tell me you won’t leave me
If you take it all away it won’t be worth the pain
I simply write best when alone and depressed
Track Name: Jeremy's Car
Wouldn’t you think that all those rides
Are bound to wear it down
They came around and made
The thoughts break on simple ground
A blue so true it pained my eyes
It was plain for them to see
This was going nowhere fast
Just a show for company
Getting sick with mortal shame
What’s it gonna bring
Moved into the desert heat
Just so i could feel her think
She knows he doesn’t want to go
Just waiting to leave
Climbing high till the fall could make him die
Then come back from space

The sun sets down
It seems as if forever
The night won’t come
Light is lost to another
Always sticking around
But i’m splitting away
(Can’t you hear the speaker
Calling your name)
Track Name: Battles
I wore a tie for half of my life
I was baptized and christened before we could listen
welcome to the team, say yes, say yes,
before you even know what you’re believing
constantine tried the creed on for size
his men painted crosses to minimize losses
And christ served him well and from fear of hell
he converted for optimal bloodshed
i was twenty-three and back from new zealand
spent christmas and new years cold in long island
we skipped mass and it devastated my mother
the solace for many will justify prayer
so long as its love and not hatred they share
if you accept all the crazy beliefs
then i’m down with your party
I met a girl and she turned me agnostic
It could have been love but the power was lost
now all i see are the battles.
All of the big ones are a guide to compassion
The ones that cause wars and political vacuums
The friction is fierce and hence all the fire
If only the founders would come and conspire
I got a job - I’m writing a book
Track Name: Made It Up
Do you know how to get us out of here
Said the children to the thieves
Lets try hiding in the atmosphere
And bleed out so quietly
Made it up
All the others out to get us
No diseases within
Don’t you question their rights
To their armor piercing clips
Track Name: Sultry
Another sultry summer
Western woods are gonna burn
Self praise devotion
And it’s only June
I want to spend the summer
Driving west through Canada
South at the water
I’ll meet you down in Oregon
Outside of Vancouver
Ashes snowing on the cars
What’s that you had to say
That this wasn’t man made
What’s that you had to say
The mid Atlantic’s feeling crowded
People hiding all their money in cans
Fuel and natural disasters
More traffic than land
I read about the big one
Said i wouldn’t move there
Irrationality of fear
Or what may be coming
Social norm of the year
The streets smell abandoned
All the windows are gone
Cars left upon the freeway
Satellites all alone
Never thought I’d see a day
With all us walking
No use for the screens on the walls
We should start writing out the letters
For when the power’s all gone

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