from by Fin-Folsom



I wore a tie for half of my life
I was baptized and christened before we could listen
welcome to the team, say yes, say yes,
before you even know what you’re believing
constantine tried the creed on for size
his men painted crosses to minimize losses
And christ served him well and from fear of hell
he converted for optimal bloodshed
i was twenty-three and back from new zealand
spent christmas and new years cold in long island
we skipped mass and it devastated my mother
the solace for many will justify prayer
so long as its love and not hatred they share
if you accept all the crazy beliefs
then i’m down with your party
I met a girl and she turned me agnostic
It could have been love but the power was lost
now all i see are the battles.
All of the big ones are a guide to compassion
The ones that cause wars and political vacuums
The friction is fierce and hence all the fire
If only the founders would come and conspire
I got a job - I’m writing a book


from Fin​-​Folsom, released August 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Fin-Folsom New York, New York

FIN-FOLSOM is a band specializing in Animal Pop. They went to school together, graduated, didn't enjoy working, started playing music, and are still working.

If you want them to play a show or say hello - finfolsom on the google mail
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